Why should I instruct M1 Insolvency?

Michael Rose is a totally independent practitioner, pragmatic, yet understanding to the problems faced by businesses and individuals alike.  The Practice offers a cost-effective, specialist, partner-led service.

How much will it cost?

The initial consultation is free with no obligation to you.

I want to liquidate my Company but there are no assets – who pays your bill?

A fixed fee will be agreed between us or alternatively the ramifications of Compulsory Liquidation will be explained.

I have received a mail shot from some ‘Ambulance chasers’ who say they will look after me – what should I do

If they are unlicensed they will be unable to act in a formal insolvency role and will probably demand an upfront fee to introduce you to an Insolvency Practitioner.  Save yourself the money and contact M1 Insolvency who will offer an initial free consultation.