M1 Insolvency will work with the company management, existing accountants and solicitors, and various stakeholders in performing diagnostic reviews, assessing, developing and implementing business stabilisation and turnaround plans, alternate funding, re-financing  and exit options.

    We provide integrated financial and operational restructuring solutions to maximise stakeholder value.

    In conjunction with a local team of independent experts we are able to offer significant experience in planning and executing the disposal of privately-owned businesses or subsidiaries of large UK or overseas groups.

    The one common goal for most shareholders is the desire to maximise value realised from a disposal process.  Our objective and responsibility is to assist our clients achieve this goal.  There are two stages to any successful disposal process.

    Exit Strategy Review

    Disposal Process Execution

    Extensive experience of planning and executing business exits enables M1 Insolvency to identify and communicate opportunities to enhance value in the short term.  Furthermore, we focus on potential risks and obstacles to secure a successful exit enabling our clients to take appropriate action prior to commencing any external process.  Successful planning is the key to delivering a satisfactory outcome and the earlier our involvement in the disposal thought process, the greater the probability of achieving the optimum outcome for our clients.

    Although your clients may not experience trading difficulty, they may encounter insolvencies in either their supplier or customer base.  If this happens we can work together to minimise any disruption or loss to your client.

    Your client may wish to acquire a business from an insolvency – and again we are available to help and advice to ensure a stress-free acquisition.

    Disputes either within businesses or between limited companies often occur.  If the dispute is not resolved an Insolvency Procedure is often required to break the deadlock which can be expensive and time-consuming.  However, an early discussion with M1 Insolvency may lead to the resolution of the problem without unnecessary time and expense.